15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections

Senators - Peter Troy

Peter Troy

Peter Troy became a Deputy for St Brelade nine years ago and is the Assistant Minister for Social Security and the Vice President of the Overseas Aid Commission.

He says one of his best achievements in the States was to introduce a carers' allowance. He's also a supporter of reform and was instrumental in amending the structure of question time in the States.

If he wins a Senatorial seat he says he'll argue for a smaller incinerator than the current plans suggest, and would like to see a co-ordinated recycling scheme including island wide doorstop collection.

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After three terms representing St Brelade No 2, Deputy Peter Troy has announced that he will run for Senator.

The Assistant Social Security minister says that he will be looking for a job on the Council of Ministers if elected. In a press release issued yesterday, the 49-year-old property developer – the head of Troy Developments Ltd – said that he had enough experience to take on an Islandwide mandate.

He said: "I have enjoyed representing the people of St Brelade for the last nine years and feel that, with all the experience I have gained, it is the right time to stand for Senator and seek a ministerial position. I dearly love my parish and feel that I can effectively represent it, either as a Senator or Deputy."

Under the committee system Deputy Troy sat on Employment, Overseas Aid, Privileges and Procedures, Agriculture and Fisheries and Human Resources. He brought the amendment to the States of Jersey Law – known as the 'Troy rule' – that prevents ministers and assistant ministers holding a majority in the House.

Deputy Troy is the chairman of the St Brelade Youth Club, a member of the management committee of the Maison St Brelade residential home, and chaired the committee that worked on the parish's twinning with Granville. He is the second candidate to declare for the Senatorial election, after former Magistrate Ian Le Marquand set the ball rolling last month.

Deputy Troy was educated at De La Salle College, and he and his wife Dawn have two children, both of whom are at university.

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Senatorial Nomination

Denise Waller introduced Deputy Peter Troy as a Jerseyman who had attended De La Salle College and studied business at Highlands College and was also a member of Mensa. She said that the Deputy had been married for 26 years and had two children at university. She said that Deputy Troy had spent 12 years working in finance and currently worked in his family’s construction business. She said that the Deputy was first elected to the States in 1999 and that he had since served three terms in office. She said that he now sought a ministerial role and that he would like to be head of either Social Security, where he is currently Assistant Minister, or of Transport and Technical Services. She added that the Deputy was a keen recycler and believes that every parish should have a door-to-door recycling scheme to complement a smaller incinerator than was currently planned.

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Election Manifesto - 200 Word Version

Elected to the States as a Deputy in November 1999, I have accomplished much in both St. Brelade and the States. I am currently Assistant Minister at Social Security where I and the Minister have presided over the introduction of the Income support system, and also employment legislation to protect workers. Within Income Support I personally championed the introduction of the carer’s allowance. I wish to stand as Senator to continue the work that I do for the Island and to obtain an Island-wide mandate. I will be requesting the Chief Minister to consider me as a Minister in the next government and would like to obtain either the Social Security or Transport and Technical Services Ministry.

I introduced what has become known as the 'Troy Rule' which ensures that more States Members are in Scrutiny than in the Executive making it harder for the Executive to push unwanted propositions through the States. I also requested the States to create a legal framework for the holding of referenda. I also lobbied for a register of reports, which can be found on the States of Jersey website and brought forward changes to the format for question time in the States.

[ Source : This Is Jersey ]

A video of Peter Troy's election manifesto is available on Channel Online

Election Manifesto - BBC Version

As you will know I have been a deputy in St Brelade for nine years and also Assistant Minister at Social Security.

They have been interesting and challenging years but now I feel that the time is right to stand as a senator to obtain an island-wide mandate. And if elected hope that the new Chief Minister will consider me for a ministerial position either at Social Security or Transport and Technical Services.

I think that the people of St Brelade have faith in me as a politician and I want to ask the rest of the island to support me in these elections for senator, as I strongly feel that I have the intelligence and the ability to represent not just St Brelade but the whole island.

I'm a member of Mensa, hold an HSC in business studies and already have considerable experience as an assistant minister and feel able to take on new challenges.

I would like to achieve what is best for the people of Jersey. I am an independent candidate with proven experience, I am forthright, never afraid to voice my opinion and try to use my vote for the good of the people. I have a strong social conscience and will always do my best to help others.

My grandfather John Troy used to say 'If you can go through life helping others along the way you'll have had a good life', and as far as is possible I try to do that.

If elected as Senator I would like to continue my work at Social Security, where there is much work to be done looking at the introduction of an insurance scheme to ensure the right of all to the funding of residential care costs, so that they don't have to sell their homes in old age.

I would continue my campaign for higher recycling rates, and the introduction of door to door waste collection systems.

I want to bring back the police motorcycle unit, it should never have been decommissioned, and I want more policemen on the beat at weekends in town.

I also feel that we should find new ways of supporting tourism which has fallen behind in the receipt of government funding.

I have a track record of getting things done in the States, I have lodged successful propositions which I believe have made a difference to our island.

I'm enthusiastic, still the right side of 50, just, and want to make a difference. I take my politics seriously, yet still have a sense of humour.

I have a varied business background and have much experience to give to the States and the island.

An audio version of this election manifesto is available from BBC Jersey

[ Source : BBC Jersey ]

A video of Peter Troy's election manifesto is available on Channel Online

Election Manifesto - Extended Version

Since 2005 I have publicly predicted that GST would raise more than the £45Million predicted by the Treasury. The expected sum could now be as much as £51 Million. I recently supported the removal of GST on food as I feel that we should give much of the excess back to taxpayers. The vote was lost, but the GST on food issue will be back.

The States have declined to support a Vehicles Emissions duty on the basis that the Public are feeling financially disadvantaged by both GST and "20% means 20%". I feel that the States should consider reducing income tax by a penny in the pound and raise the equivalent sum through environmental taxes such as vehicle emissions duty, thereby ensuring that environmental taxes are predominantly cost neutral. To burden the Public with more tax at the present time is a step too far.

The States of Jersey have agreed to a "managed" population growth, which will result in more people taking up residence in Jersey. This will put a strain on the infra structure of the island and we will undoubtedly have to invest more into our hospital, roads, drains and Public Services. We will probably have to consider a total redesign of our hospital facilities, and major funding would be required if we needed to build a new hospital.

It is always a difficult balancing act to curb States spending yet provide valuable services to the Public delivered in a professional and productive manner. We need to ensure that departments spend their budgets wisely without wasting funds. I would advocate regular department reviews to ensure effective service delivery.

I campaigned against the £105 Million pound incinerator, arguing that we could commission a smaller incinerator combined with a much higher waste recycling rate than that suggested by Transport & Technical Services (TTS). This would have saved Millions of Pounds for the island, but TTS have insisted on following a flawed policy. The rest of Europe is aiming for recycling rates in excess of 50% and TTS have failed to adopt an ambitious recycling rate.

Harmful materials are being put into the Bellozanne incinerator and I have campaigned for these to be removed from the waste stream by asking questions in the States and suggesting that TTS should be accountable for their improper practices.

I recently supported the reduction in the voting age, which means that many young people are now able to vote for the first time, and I understand that many are looking forward to the 2008 elections.

As chairman of St Brelade Youth Club I fully appreciate the good work being done by our Youth Service, but note that funds are limited. I gained support for additional funds from the Parish of St Brelade for our youth club, and suggest that more Parishes increase their commitment to their youth facilities.

I supported additional funding to early years provision as it is proven that this can make a big difference to a child's development.

I believe that we should attempt to have a General Election and that the number of States Members should be reduced. Unfortunately there are many in the States that resist change.

As Assistant Minister at Social Security I have been directly involved in the introduction of Income Support which has revolutionised our benefit system. I personally championed the introduction of the carer's allowance, which has helped many on lower incomes caring for others, and thousands of islanders are receiving vital support in protecting welfare of the family unit. In addition Employment legislation has been introduced protecting worker's interests.

With a larger elderly population forecast, a high priority for the future is to introduce an insurance scheme or similar to ensure the right for all to funding of their residential care costs, thereby ensuring that their home does not have to be sold.

Many pensioners find it difficult to cope financially and we must remain committed to ensuring that their standard of living is improved.

The States recently approved additional funds for those with special needs, and I am committed to ensuring that the funds are used in the most efficient way to achieve the best outcomes for these valued members of our society.

The recent support of the US administration for their damaged mortgage market gives encouragement for the future of the world economy. Jersey Finance is well positioned for future growth as its business is predominantly in areas unaffected by the US market.

I am reliably informed by contacts in the hotel industry that visitor numbers are actually down, but due to increased local travel originating from Jersey, inward arrivals of Jersey residents give a false impression of visitor numbers. This needs to be addressed so that we can accurately measure tourist arrivals that originate from outside of Jersey and return to UK or European destinations.

The days of agricultural subsidies are long gone, but should we accept the closure of our tomato growers without putting up a fight to save the "Jersey Tomato". We need to look again at how we can preserve an important brand before it completely disappears.

I am concerned that in recent years the number of Community Police Officers has fallen dramatically and this needs to be rectified at the earliest opportunity. We also need more Police Officers on the beat especially in Town on Friday & Saturday nights.

The decision to axe the Police Motor Cycle Unit was an error that should be put right by the new Council of Ministers, and I will fight for funds for these initiatives.

I have supported the introduction of a shared equity scheme and pleased that it is now being introduced.

Many young people can't afford homes and only when supply meets demand will prices fall.

I am concerned that the Waterfront development will produce unexciting architecture and buildings of "boxy" design. The impact of buildings needs to be carefully considered by the Planning Minister. As businesses move to the Esplanade, town premises can be converted to housing that is much needed by young couples.

[ Source : Peter Troy ]

A video of Peter Troy's election manifesto is available on Channel Online


Age: 49

Place of Birth: Jersey

Family: Married to Dawn; daughter Dominique (20), studying for degree in Japanese language; son Bradley (18) studying for degree in economics with politics

Education: De La Salle College: Nine O-Levels two A-Levels: Highlands College: HNC business studies: Member of Mensa

Employment/occupation: Troy Developments Ltd (House-builders); States Member (Assistant Minister Social Security

Hobbies/interests: Chairman St Brelade Youth Club: member of management committee Maison St Brelade Residential Home; founder member of St Brelade twinning committee; golf (Member of Royal Jersey Golf Club); reading; supporting Arsenal FC; walking my Labrador

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Peter is 49 years of age. He was born in Jersey in August 1959. He has been married to Dawn for 26 years, and they have 2 children at University. Peter was educated at De La Salle College and Highlands College where he obtained an HNC in Business Studies. He is also a member of MENSA.

Following A Levels Peter spent 12 years in the Finance Industry where he became Company Secretary of the Ermitage Group (an investment management group). He is now involved in the family construction businesses (Troy Developments Ltd, North Jersey Construction Ltd, and Total Timber Frames Ltd).

Peter is a member of the management committee of Maison St Brelade residential home, chairman of St Brelade’s Youth Club, the Knights of St.Columba, and past President of both St Brelade Ecumenical committee and St Helier Miniature Rifle Club. Peter’s hobbies include walking his Labrador dog, reading and supporting Arsenal football club.

Peter was first elected Deputy in November 1999 and is currently assistant minister at social security. Please give me one of your votes on Polling day.

[ Source : Peter Troy ]