15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections

Senators - Mike Vibert

Mike Vibert

Mike Vibert spent 12 years in the States, and recently negotiated free nursery places for pre-school children and said he's proud of the exam results Jersey students get.

He would put together a ten-year Education plan if he's re-elected and he believes although reading levels in primary schools have improved there's still more work to be done.

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Education Minister Mike Vibert is to stand for re-election.

The Senator, who has been in the States since 1996, says that he intends to stand in the Senatorials and wants to carry on in his job as Education Minister.

The 58-year-old former teacher and journalist served two terms as a Deputy in St Brelade No 2 before finishing fourth in the 2002 Senatorial elections. He has been in charge of Education – which has a proposed budget of £98 million for next year – for six years as president of the Education, Sport and Culture Committee and as Education Minister.

He said. "I feel that there is more work to do, particularly at Education, Sport and Culture. We are working on a ten-year plan to get a general agreement on the way education should go in the long term."

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  • Iris Le Feuvre
  • Mike Stentiford
  • Kenneth Syvret
  • Carl Le Herissier
  • Freddie Cohen
  • Eileen Vowden
  • Susan Pearmain
  • David Thorne
  • Christine Vibert
  • Marian Whittaker

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Senatorial Nomination

In proposing Senator Mike Vibert for re-election, Iris Le Feuvre spoke of his 12 years of service as a States Member, including the last six as a Senator. She said that he was a Jerseyman, he was married with two sons and he had worked hard during his term as Education Minister to convince States Members to provide free nursery care for children under five. She said that Senator Vibert was very proud of the GSCE and A-level results achieved in Jersey and that results were continuing to improve each year. She also spoke about the two schools at Hautlieu and Le Rocquier that had been built under the Senator's term, both of which were delivered on time and within budget.

She added that, if re-elected, the Senator would like to continue in his role as Education Minister and that he would like to develop a ten-year strategy for the future.

[ Source : This Is Jersey ]

Election Manifesto - 200 Word Version

I am currently the Minister for Education, Sport and Culture. I have been a States Member for 12 years, six as a Deputy for St. Brelade and six as a Senator. During that time I persuaded the States to introduce free television licences for less well-off over 75s and I abolished the unnecessary, stressful SATs examinations for children.

I also recently won States support to introduce free nursery education for all from the beginning of the next school year. Examination results continue to improve and I have expanded the number of degree courses that can be undertaken locally. At the same time funding for Mont à L’Abbé School has been increased and more vocational courses offered.

Future plans include strengthening schools as being at the heart of local communities and placing even more emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills in schools. I also want to see much more done for families with very young children through the introduction of more family friendly policies in employment. To achieve all this I understand a balance has to be maintained between strictly controlling population growth whilst maintain a successful economy. I am a candidate of integrity, experience and enthusiasm who care about the well-being of all Islanders.

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A video of Mike Vibert's election manifesto is available on Channel Online

Election Manifesto - BBC Version

Hello, I'm Mike Vibert and I've been a States member for 12 years; six as a deputy for St Brelade and six as a Senator.

Before that I was a teacher and then a broadcaster with this station, BBC Radio Jersey.

I'm standing on my record as a States member, and in particular what I've achieved in the last six years when I've been in charge of Education, Sport and Culture.

I believe here in Jersey we offer an outstanding education experience to all children in Jersey. This is born out by the achievements of our young people, whether it be in public examinations or in completing vocational courses.

We also continue to excel at sports, based on the quality of coaching and facilities we offer. And for the first time the island has a cultural strategy, designed to ensure our arts and heritage are recognised and protected.

I believe in change; change for the better, and that's what I've worked to achieve during my time in the States.

The introduction of free television licenses for the less well-off over-75s, which I pushed through and which over 1,600 houses in Jersey now benefit from was, I believe, a change for the better.

Getting free nursery education for three to four-year-olds from next September, which the States have just agreed to, is a change for the better, both for families now and for the long term future of the island.

Abolishing unnecessary, stressful SATs examinations for young children; change for the better.

Offering more degree courses on-island, including a new financial foundation degree; change for the better.

Offering more vocational courses at Highlands, and setting up a new careers and advice centre; again, change for the better.

And rebuilding Mont a L'Abbe school and increasing its funding; change for the better.

As I've said I believe in change for the better, but I also believe in the need for stability and continuity.

At a time when we face global economic turmoil and rising prices I believe experience is invaluable in ensuring Jersey remains stable, and is steered through this period to remain economically successful.

I believe the island needs experienced, sensible States members to work together to ensure we retain our prosperity.

If re-elected, I would seek to continue as Minster for Education, Sport and Culture as I believe continuity in the area is vital.

Work has already started on a long-term 10 year plus plan for ESC and I would wish to finish that work based on my record of achievement in this area.

So I believe in change for the better allied to stability and continuity. I believe that that is what I can offer you as a candidate for senator; experience and a record of achievement, and I would ask you to consider me for one of your votes on 15 October.

An audio version of this election manifesto is available from BBC Jersey

[ Source : BBC Jersey ]

A video of Mike Vibert's election manifesto is available on Channel Online


Age: 58

Place of birth: Jersey

Family: Married with two adult sons

Education: Les Landes, Hautlieu, College of St Mark and St John, London

Occupation: States Member

Hobbies/interests: Sport, reading, travel

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Mike Vibert was born in 1950, Jersey. He was educated at Les Landes School and Hautlieu. He then trained as a teacher at College of St Mark & St John (which was then in London). He moved from teaching to journalism, and gained a National Council for the Training of Journalists Post-graduate Certificate in Journalism (Sheffield). In Jersey, after 3 years working at the Jersey Evening Post he became one of the 4 founding members of staff of BBC Radio Jersey at its inception, becoming the first News Editor and then Assistant Editor. He provided commentary for broadcasts of States sittings. After being made redundant from BBC Radio Jersey in 1995 he became editor of Inside Jersey, a colour news magazine.

He has been past president of the Jersey Teachers Association, past vice-chairman of St Brelade's Youth Club Management Committee, Procureur du Bien Public de la Commune de la Moye.

Elected in 1996 as Deputy for the Parish of St Brelade, No 2 district (865 votes) and re-elected 1999 (1,202 votes). During this time, he actively worked towards the creation of Les Mielles Country Park, near Beauport bay.

Elected in 2002 as Senator (in 4th place with 10,624 votes).

Within the States he has been notable for holding the office of president of Sport, Leisure and Recreation committee and also being the President of the Special Committee on the Composition and Election of the States.

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