15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections

Senators - Alan Maclean

Alan Maclean

Senatorial candidate Deputy Alan Maclean says his current role as Assistant Minister for Economic Development means he responsibility for the airport and harbours.

He claims Jersey has benefited from the introduction of low cost airlines he helped secure, that he's expanded ferry routes and helped introduce the Jersey Boat Show.

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The Deputy for St Helier No 2 says he wants to serve as a minister in the next administration to continue the work he has already started as a politician.

"I believe a minister should have an Islandwide mandate if making policy for the Island as a whole," he said.

He said that it had taken him about two years to get his feet fully under the table as a States Member and that he felt the term of office of politicians needed to be extended to allow proper time for policy implementation.

Deputy Maclean said that there was a 'lack of connection' between the States and the public and that he intended to work to improve communication.

He also believes that major efficiencies could be found to improve the way public money is spent.

"By more closely involving the private sector through public/private partnership initiatives we can achieve better results and greater efficiency," he said.

Deputy Maclean (45), who is married with young children and runs the estate agency Mulberry, has had responsibility for the Airport and the Island's harbours since assuming his role as Assistant Economic Development Minister.

He said he had introduced a more commercial ethos to both Jersey Airport and Jersey Harbours that had resulted in more services, more routes and more travellers.

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  • Bruce Willing
  • Nicola d'Alessandro
  • Sarra Clyde-Smith
  • David Seymour
  • David Langlois
  • Bill Morvan
  • Peter Le Gallais
  • Robert Jones
  • Wendy Arrowsmith
  • Mike Wavell

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Senatorial Nomination

Bruce Willing said that Deputy Alan Maclean had shown his worth to the States by taking responsibility for the harbours and Airport and increasing passenger numbers and adding more destinations for both. At the Harbour, he had introduced the Jersey Boat Show, which achieved sales of £4.2m in its first year, said Mr Willing. Airport arrivals had gone up by the biggest proportion since 1993 because of the Deputy’s work, he said. And he praised the Deputy – who runs Mulberry Estates – for adding a new commercial drive to the harbours and the Airport. Mr Willing said that the candidate was a man of action, maturity, integrity and proven ability as a businessman and as a politician. Deputy Maclean, who has served for three years as a Deputy in St Helier No 2, was a happily married man who was educated in Jersey and who had two young sons, he said.

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Election Manifesto - 200 Word Version

I am standing for Senator because I would like to put my name forward for a Ministerial role and believe that any future Minister should have an Island wide mandate. In three years in the States I have been overseeing a significant change programme at both the harbour and airport. We have delivered lower overall fares, more air routes to the UK and Europe, and last year we achieved the highest overall increase in passenger numbers since 1993. I took the Harbour Administration Law through the States which is the biggest change to the way in which the harbour is operated in 40 years. These changes will make it more efficient and far more commercial.

I support a strong and diverse economy that offers local people the training and opportunities to compete for the best jobs. This is essential to control population. States spending must be controlled to prevent anymore unwelcome taxes. Controlling spending does not have to mean cuts to essential services but should ensure public money is spent wisely to deliver the same service more efficiently and at a better price. Environmental issues including no more building on green fields and better support for senior citizens are priorities.

[ Source : This Is Jersey ]

A video of Alan Maclean's election manifesto is available on Channel Online

Election Manifesto - BBC Version

I was elected to the States three years ago as the deputy for St Helier Number Two District.

I'm standing for senator because I'd like to put my name forward as a Minister, and I don't feel that's appropriate without an island-wide mandate.

Since elected I was appointed Assistant Minister for Economic Development, and given specific responsibility for the airport, harbour, lotteries and more recently agriculture. I'm also chairman of the Jersey Conference Bureau.

I'm currently overseeing a significant change programme at the harbour and airport, improvements to date have delivered lower overall fares, more air routes to the UK and Europe, and last year we delivered the largest increase in passenger numbers since 1993.

I took the Harbour Administration Law, a major piece of legislation, through the States earlier this year. It was the biggest change to the way the harbour is administered in more than 40 years, making it far more efficient and more commercial.

I was also responsible for Jersey's first boat show, thousands of islanders and tourists went to see the exhibits and it was also a huge success in financial terms for small local businesses.

The harbour has adopted eco-active marine, a model that I am determined will deliver wind, tide and solar energy around the port. I too support a greener future for Jersey.

I stood for election in 2005 on a platform that included a desire to control public spending, and deliver a more efficient public sector.

As a newcomer to the States, this has proved challenging, I want to ensure that every penny we spend is not wasted but used wisely – it's the only way to keep unwelcome taxes as low as possible for as long as possible. But when I talk about controlling public expenditure I don't mean cuts, I mean efficiency savings that deliver the same service at a better price.

The Controller and Auditor General was a positive appointment, he's already identified significant savings in a number of States departments. However, his reports are often ignored and I want to ensure he gets more resources and greater political support.

A tougher stance on spending will ensure we don't need more unwanted taxes. This is a message that the States don't seem to be taking in.

If we want to reconnect the government with the people of Jersey we have to keep our promises with decisive decisions and clear communication.

I support a strong and diverse economy that offers the local people opportunities to compete for the best jobs in the island, improving the skills of locals will increase productivity, help sustain economic growth and reduce future levels of immigration.

I entered the States just three years ago as a new boy not knowing what to expect, it's been quite a learning process. With your support I can make a positive contribution to the success of our island, for all islanders whatever their background, circumstance or age.

I have a track record of hard work and success and if elected I give you just one promise, and that's my 100% commitment. Thank you.

An audio version of this election manifesto is available from BBC Jersey

[ Source : BBC Jersey ]

A video of Alan Maclean's election manifesto is available on Channel Online


Age: 45

Family: Wife Nara, two sons, Oscar (4) and Hugo (2)

Education: St Michael's, Jersey; Kelly College, Devon

Employment: Beck and Dean; Le Gallais; Rossborough; then self employed; set up and ran a marketing consultancy before selling the business; bought Rossborough estate agency/ property management business and renamed it Mulberry; elected Deputy (St Helier No 2) November 2005; appointed Assistant Minister for Economic Development with specific responsibility for the harbour, airport, lotteries and more recently agriculture; chairman of the Jersey Conference Bureau

Occupation: States Member/estate agent

Hobbies/interests: Keen sportsman; played hockey for Jersey and also played cricket, rugby and tennis; currently enjoys golf and skiing when time permits

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