15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections

Senators - Cliff Le Clercq

Cliff Le Clercq

Cliff Le Clercq was born and brought up in Jersey and says he's got a passion and desire for his birthplace to remain a special place.

He's a psychotherapist who often works with people with alcohol and addiction problems, which his proposer said proves he's compassionate.

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Therapist Cliff Le Clercq is standing for Senator.

The 58-year-old therapist and counsellor is the fifth candidate to declare for the Senatorial elections, which will be held in October. Mr Le Clercq has been in private practice as a therapist and counsellor for the last ten years, and worked as a cab driver to pay for his training in the UK and the US.

A former JEP columnist, he said that he had decided to stand because he was concerned about several Island issues. "People come to me to sort out their problems and I think it is only a question of multiplying the numbers, really," he said. "Obviously, we know we need a finance industry but I do not think that it should be given unbridled rein to run away with itself."

"I'm also concerned that we must not have a 'brain drain' of students going to university and not coming back because they cannot afford housing here. I do not think that I have all of the answers for everybody. I'm leaning towards the view that less government is more."

Jerseyman Mr Le Clercq, a St Ouen resident and surfer who says that he is against the proposed redevelopment at the Watersplash, said that he would like a role dealing with environmental issues if elected.

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Senatorial Nomination

Proposer Roy Travert said that candidate Cliff Le Clercq had all the qualities that a States Member needed in today's rapidly changing environment. He began his speech by saying that many Islanders would know Mr Le Clercq, who works as a therapist and was also known as a Jersey Evening Post columnist writing on personal development, as he had helped many people through illness and addiction. He said that 58-year-old Mr Le Clercq was a man of his word and a man of honour, and had respect for people. During the speech, Mr Travert said that Mr Le Clercq, a former cab driver, had a desire to see the place of his birth stay special for people to enjoy and added that the candidate cared passionately about Jersey and the Island's future. Mr Travert finished his speech by reiterating that Mr Le Clerq had all the qualities required for a position in the States.

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Election Manifesto - 200 Word Version

I am a local moved to stand because our leaders do not listen!. As a citizen I have felt like a passenger on a bus whose driver has baled out leaving us careering along out of control. The final straw - States treasurer dismayed at having no idea what is going on financially, Hello?

The end result is tax and tax again, just in case… This chaotic scattergun approach to economics penalises you ..the taxpayer, a remedial grip of the wheel must be taken as the ordinary person always takes the hit, it is plain bad housekeeping, Solution: If public spending were to be published on the 'net', how quickly prudence may return.

Rapacious developers targeting our beauty spots must be stopped. Their greed and callous indifference knows no boundaries. Me: Self employed for 30 years, educated in the school of hard knocks - I know how it works! I support Tourism and Finance. Am against tax on food & fuel..I bring strength of purpose, perception, grit, determination, negotiating and people skills. It is time to rewrite our future, build on wholesome values, restore the feel good factor of community and above all be able to trust those who lead us...

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A video of Cliff Le Clercq's election manifesto is available on Channel Online

Election Manifesto - BBC Version

Why am I standing?

Well, I've thought about it for a long time and there was a time ten years ago when I thought I'd do this. And I resisted it because it's quite an intrusion into a person's life; it's a huge amount of commitment, it's a huge amount of hours a week to be in the States.

But finally I could stand it no longer; I kept picking up my JEP and finding yet another catastrophe, yet another overspend and yet another let down for the people.

I began to think we were being seen by our politicians as a problem to be managed, rather than people who need to be represented.

So, why do I feel that? I feel that we're just not being listened to by the people who represent us.

Time and time again people have written into the paper, called their politicians and said ‘Look we're not happy' with whatever it was that was going on; whether it be GST, Waterfront, whatever the issues, and constantly all we've heard is sound bites and platitudes.

I think the time is ripe, that people have had enough of being fobbed off, they want a strong person, they want leadership; we need a new champion.

I don't think there'll be any significant change in our government without government reform, and it's one of the things I bring to the party.

I also feel that tourism needs a new injection of energy; we need to really be going out for some event-led tourism.

Those of you old enough to remember Bergerac will remember that that was the peak of our tourist times; the place was full, we had lots of people coming, the spend was high and everybody who was involved was doing well.

I think we should go out and seek new TV commercials, new TV movies, new series, get the film industry involved and get ourselves some proper public relations and publicity going, so that we can start generating some money back into that section of the island, who I feel have been pretty much hung out to dry and left.

Tourism and retail in town are really feeling the pinch now, and these people are all a part of our community.

Whilst I support finance totally, because with spending habits like ours we can hardly afford not to have it now, I don't think it should be unbridled or uncontrolled and I think the rest of us do need to be included, because we seem to be coming a poor second.

It is said that if you keep on doing the same thing you're going to keep on getting the same result, so if you're happy with what you have, don't vote for me.

If you want some change, if you want some strength, and you want some creativity brought into your politics, then definitely do go out and vote for me for I will deliver.

I need you to vote for me so that I can bring to you what you need, which is to be listened to and properly represented.

You can go and see more of how I think and feel on cliffleclercq.com

An audio version of this election manifesto is available from BBC Jersey

[ Source : BBC Jersey ]

A video of Cliff Le Clercq's election manifesto is available on Channel Online


Age: 58

Place of birth: Jersey

Education: Locally D'Hautrée, London College Clinical Hypnosis, Birkbeck College

Occupation: Therapist

Hobbies/interests: Health, people, surfing, nature, happiness

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