15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections


Polling day : Wednesday 26th November 2008

Last day for registration for the Deputies Election is Monday 3rd November.

[ Source : Elextions 2008 ]


What are Deputies?

The procedure for nomination for Deputy follows the same pattern as for the Senators, except that the nomination paper must be signed by 10 electors registered in the constituency in which they intend standing. The Electoral Assembly (nomination meeting) presided over by the Constable of the respective parish is held at the parish hall (Public Hall in the case of St. Martin).

In the case of parishes divided into more than one electoral district, nominations are accepted at the Electoral Assembly by districts.

The office of Deputy of the States has been in existence for well over a hundred years. A Law was passed in 1856 providing for the elections of 14 deputies, three from St. Helier and one from each of the other parishes. Gradually the number of deputies was increased over the years to 17 before the Second World War to 28 in 1948 and to 29 by the addition of a third deputy for St. Brelade in 1973. Deputies are elected by district, which correspond to parish boundaries and, in the larger parishes, to administrative districts within the parish. Subject to those constraints, the design of districts and the number of deputies elected for each district is intended to achieve as even as possible a representation of voters by each deputy although changes in population density have created significant discrepancies.

[ Source : Elextions 2008 ]