15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections

Senators - Daniel Wimberley

Daniel Wimberley

Daniel Wimberley set up a local cycle tour company, was chair of Christian Aid in the island and helped launch the Jersey Fairtrade Group.

He believes there needs to be a new relationship between the government and the people and wants islanders to reduce their impact on the environment.

[ Source : BBC Jersey ]

The Fairtrade campaigner Daniel Wimberley is running for Senator.

Mr Wimberley (59) is campaigning on a platform of bringing back a population cap and reducing waste.

Mr Wimberley ran Rural Enterprises for Jersey Mencap, which trained people with learning difficulties in horticulture, and is a former chairman of Christian Aid in Jersey, former trustee of the Jersey Community Relations Trust and former manager of Jersey Cycletours. He set up the Jersey Fairtrade Group in 2003 and the Jersey Trade Justice Awareness project as part of the Make Poverty History campaign.

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  • Maurice Lakeman
  • Mike Stentiford
  • Robert Vincent
  • Maria Colino
  • Laura Wakeham
  • David Warr
  • Judith Queree
  • Robert Tilling
  • Anna Wimberley
  • Nicholas Palmer

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Senatorial Nomination

Proposer Maurice Lakeman said that he was nominating Daniel Wimberley for Senator with the confidence that he had the right attitude for such an important role. He said that Mr Wimberley had integrity, always spoke the truth and was a man who offered long-term solutions. He said that he was intelligent and that he took an in-depth approach to find resolutions to problems after first exploring all of the evidence. He said that Mr Wimberley had imagination and would bring prophetic sensibility to the position if elected, as well as the ability to identify the cause of problems, and then eradicate them. He added that Mr Wimberley had done much for the Island, including setting up Jersey Cycle Tours, which had helped thousands of tourists enjoy Jersey, and the creation of Acorn Enterprises, an initiative that helped those with learning difficulties. He was also chairman of Christian Aid.

[ Source : This Is Jersey ]

Election Manifesto - 200 Word Version

I believe that the present crew are incapable of meeting the challenges we face, States decision-making is poor, and we need a new direction in politics where quality of life comes first. My key policies are:

Population and environment

  • decide on a population ceiling and stick to it
  • better public transport and "Safe Routes to Schools"
  • scrap incinerator and "reduce, re-use, recycle"
  • insulation of all buildings

Quality of life

  • measure quality of life for all residents instead of economic growth as the goal of all States policies

Social Policy and Public expenditure

  • build a fair society because it is right
  • ensure adequate income for all
  • equal opportunities from pre-school to provision for the elderly
  • support the public sector - move the debate from "cut cut" to something more rational

Democracy and community

  • re-establish trust, now sadly broken
  • overhaul our election system
  • strengthen our communities
  • defend local businesses, tourism, agriculture

Economy, fiscal and global

  • fair transparent and environmentally targeted taxes
  • adapt our economy to the threats we face
  • live in a way that restores the planet and promotes the welfare of all

[ Source : Daniel Wimberley ]

A video of Daniel Wimberley's election manifesto is available on Channel Online

Election Manifesto - BBC Version

The island faces unprecedented challenges. We face climate change and we face the global economic downturn which some say will leave to economic collapse due to the credit crunch, but also other factors like peak oil.

The question is, what do you look for in a government when they are facing challenges like this? I would suggest that you would want to see a record of good decision making, you would want awareness and understanding of the problems and you would want to know that they had the ability to build up trust.

Let's look at those.

Record of good decisions: The fiasco at the waterfront, the incinerator, the shambles over Harcourt and the fact that that business district may even be misconceived in its entirety.

It does not speak volumes. Well it does speak volumes. It speaks volumes that their track record is not good.

Awareness and understanding of the problems: We have had no concerted effort to tackle climate change by our rulers.

And the ability to build up trust: We have seen again and again in public consultations the way they have spun and manipulated the results - and it is very very sad.

My main policy platform is three fold. One is a population ceiling agreed by all of us. The second is to establish a carbon savings fund to drive research and carbon cutting measures and the third is a focus on quality of life for all of us.

The present rulers have a policy of more and more. Economic growth at all costs, they are out of touch with you the voters and they are out of touch even with reality.

My track record running Jersey Cycle Tours as a successful small business, of leading the Jersey Cycling Group and setting up the Jersey Cycling Network, of running Christian Aid, I was Chairman of Christian Aid with 600 volunteers and also in that time started the process of Jersey becoming a fair trade island.

I also started from scratch Rural Enterprises which was a project for people with learning difficulties run by Jersey Mencap.

I do have the ability when I set my mind to something, to those three strategic goals that I mentioned, to get them done. Please cast one of your votes for me.

An audio version of this election manifesto is available from BBC Jersey

[ Source : BBC Jersey ]

A video of Daniel Wimberley's election manifesto is available on Channel Online

Election Manifesto - Extended Version

Quality of life for all has to be the goal. This will mean marrying the best of traditional Jersey with new and creative approaches to face a completely new situation. I want to see Jersey become the first jurisdiction in the rich world to say goodbye to the age of excess and embrace living within the limits of our planet home. This journey should be fun.

"The only thing to fear is fear itself" - Roosevelt.


Decide on a population ceiling and stick to it.
Hold island wide debate within overarching realities of peak oil and inflation, climate change, and the ageing population. Honest debate, no spin. We cannot go on and on building.


Tackle waste, cut carbon, lift our urban areas.
Living and working in an environmentally responsible way will give us peace of mind. Implement a carbon savings scheme. The cash saved and invested will make it simple to do the right thing and will encourage all of us to do so e.g. by funding a vastly improved bus service, insulation of all buildings etc. Make our urban areas desirable instead of second best.

NB Most of these environmental policies will save the community money, and thus are an important part of any fight against inflation. They will also make us feel good and that will make us more contented and more healthy.

Quality of life

Target and measure quality of life for all residents as the main goal of States policy instead of economic growth
Materialism-only is bad for Jersey and bad for the planet. It is now essential to meet our real needs as economically as possible, needs such as community, good health, fulfilling work. Move away from being a throwaway society. Develop new indicators to track our progress towards this new goal.

Social Policy

Ensure adequate income and equal opportunities for all.
Build a fair society because it is right and because it is part of making a society which can stand up to the challenges ahead. Access to parenting support, pre-school education, decent housing, good public amenities, healthcare – are all part of this.


Promote democracy and citizen involvement
Democracy and citizen involvement are vital for the strength and cohesion and even for the fun of our society. Re-establish trust, overhaul our elections, promote democracy and participation in our schools, find better ways of involving people in fashioning their future.

Community and self-reliance

Strengthen the communities within Jersey society
Support and develop all communities in Jersey, be they the geographical units of the parishes, or ethnic, religious or voluntary groupings. All communities within Jersey society should feel at home, and no-one should be excluded. Defend local small businesses, and promote all forms of self-reliance, especially at Parish level.


Adapt our economic life to the well-documented threat of global warming, and the fact of peak oil.
Government and business have to work out how to move to a zero-waste, low carbon society. This will take imagination, foresight and flexibility. Build up a parallel informal economy as a safety net.

Fiscal and tax

Fair, transparent and environmentally useful
Our tax system provides the cash for public expenditure. Taxes should be progressive, inclusive, transparent and can be used to influence behaviour, e.g in the direction of reducing carbon emissions. So scrap GST and replace with a carbon levy to fund the carbon savings scheme.


Live in a way that restores the planet and promotes the welfare of all
Aiming for quality of life whilst consuming less conserves our planet and allows the poorest to have more. Overseas Aid, public procurement policies and States investments all to be part of a States ethical package.

Public expenditure

Support worthwhile public expenditure in line with the above policies
Always a hot potato, but I will not be defensive about this. Public expenditure is what we all spend on providing for all of us, and I cannot see what is wrong with this in principle. It also is the leading weapon in the fight for equality of opportunity. I will however demand value for money, no featherbedding, and accountability, and many of my policies will save a lot of money. We need to start to think about how these amenities and services should best be provided in a lower-consumption society.

[ Source : Daniel Wimberley ]

A video of Daniel Wimberley's election manifesto is available on Channel Online


Age: 58

Place of birth: Kendal

Family: Married to Anne, three grown-up children

Education: St. Lawrence primary School, Victoria College, University of York - social science degree in language

Employment: Have just sold my business – Jersey Cycletours. Former manager of Rural Enterprises, a jersey Mencap project providing work and training for people with learning difficulties

Occupation: Self-employed

Hobbies/interests: I am a member of Bethlehem Methodist church and I enjoy singing, gardening and walking along the North coast. Did coasteering around Jersey with my daughter before this activity had a fancy name. I started the St. Mary's over 40 football team.

[ Source : This Is Jersey ]

A brief life story

I came to live in Jersey when my father took on the job of Director of Education in 1955. I went to St. Lawrence Primary School and Victoria College. I have a degree in Social Science and speak fluent French and rather odd German, but it gets me by.

I am married to Anna. We have three children who went to St. Mary's and Les Quennevais schools before going on to Hautlieu and university. Max is now a teacher, Kaspar is a performance artist, and Camilla is just starting her PGCE to train as a teacher also.

For 16 years I ran Jersey Cycletours, a successful cycle hire and holidays business, building it up from just doing guided cycle tours to having over 100 good quality hire bikes and running international cycling holidays. I loved enabling people to see our beautiful island by bike, and I especially loved it when they said: "I think I'll get my bike out of the shed when I get home" or "what was the kind of bike I had - I want to get one of those."

Anna and I also founded the Jersey Cycling Group which raised the profile of cycling in Jersey. We played a major role in setting up the Jersey Cycling Network and I wrote the official Jersey Cycling map.

Prior to that, I worked for Jersey Mencap as manager of Rural Enterprises, which trained people with learning difficulties in horticulture. We grew fabulous melons, broad beans, flat climbing beans, Royals. and other fruit and veg. Whatever produce we took to our various outlets went like the proverbial hot cakes. This pilot project led to the setting up of Acorn Enterprises (near Howard Davis Farm).

I was chairman of Christian Aid in Jersey from 2002 until 2007. I instigated a review of all that we did, and recruited several new organisers. I launched the Jersey Fairtrade group in 2003, and in 2004 I started the Jersey Trade Justice Awareness project which educated islanders about the injustices of world trade as part of the international Make Poverty History movement of 2005.

I am a member of Bethlehem Methodist church and I enjoy singing, gardening, and walking along the North coast. My daughter and I did "coasteering" around the island before there was a name for it!. A little while ago, I started the St. Mary's over 40 football team which was great fun.

[ Source : Daniel Wimberley ]