15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections


Polling day : Wednesday 15th October 2008

For the first time since 1948 the elections of Constables for the twelve parishes of Jersey have been synchronised so that polling, where necessary, will take place on the same day as the Senatorials on 15 October 2008, in accordance with the Connétables (Jersey) Law 2008 (registered 28 March 2008).

At Assemblies of Electors held in nine parishes on 17 September 2008 (the Constables of the other parishes declined to stand down to recontest their seats, preferring to serve out their full term so that the provisions of the law will apply to the next mandate from 2011), Constables in five parishes were returned unopposed: St Brelade, St Martin, St Ouen, Trinity and St Saviour.

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Constables Election Results - St Clement

1Len Norman1593
2Gerard Baudains740
3Edgar Wallis254

Constables Election Results - St Lawrence

1Deidre Mezbourain1300
2Tim Tindall382

Constables Election Results - St Mary

1Juliette Gallichan404
2Terry Renouf204

Constables Election Results - St Peter

1John Refault975
2Collin Egre725


What are Constables?

The Constable is the elected head of a parish and is a full member of the States by virtue of his office. Constables are elected for a term of three years. Except in St Helier, a candidate for Constable must live in the Parish in which he or she is standing for election. The Constables have been members of the States from the earliest record of States meetings. At present, elections are held whenever the office becomes vacant and thus elections have occurred at irregular intervals. Recent changes in legislation mean that this will change. This year as an interim measure, a sitting Constable may choose to resign, allowing his seat to be contested this October and from the elections in 2011, all Constables will be elected on the same day as the Senator.

[ Source : Elextions 2008 ]

There are 12 constables - One for each of the Island's parishes. This year, nine of them are being elected at the same time. Three though, decided not to stand down, so there will not be elections in St Helier, St John or Grouville.

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