15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections


Between now and 13 October hustings are due to take place around the island to give islanders the chance to speak to candidates.

Each Parish will host a Senatorial husting, organised by the Constable of that Parish and normally held at the Parish Hall.

There will also be a separate Countryside husting organised by the Rural Alliance at the RJA&HS Showground in Trinity.

And two Meet the Candidates sessions held at the Town Hall and the RJA&HS Showground in Trinity.

The arrangements for the Parish hustings ask that candidates limit the number of supporters they bring with them, to allow room for Parishioners.

It also sets a limit of three minutes on each Candidate for their speech - with a warning bell ringing 20 seconds before the end of their time.

Questions will also be taken from people in the audience at the hustings, with priority given the Parishioners, and candidates will be given a minute to reply to questions.

All hustings start at 7.30pm and are expected to end by 9.30pm - but with 21 candidates that could be a tall order.

[ Source : BBC Jersey ]

A special hustings has been arranged for the under 18s in Jersey who will be able to vote in the Senatorial Election next month for the first time.

The prospective voters are being given the chance to quiz all 21 candidates at the Hautlieu School hustings on 30 September at 1615 BST.

The meeting, arranged by senatorial candidates themselves, is open to all the island's 16 and 17-year-olds.

Six senators will be elected to the States on 15 October.

The school hustings is in addition to hustings which are being held in every island parish.

[ Source : BBC Jersey ]

Senatorial Hustings Dates

Hustings are being held across the island over the next few weeks:

[ Source : Channel 103 ]

Constables Hustings Dates

Hustings meetings have now been set in the four parishes that are holding elections for Constables. The dates are as follows:

[ Source : This Is Jersey ]