15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections

Constables - Terry Renouf (St Mary)

Terry Renouf

Terry Renouf was born, lives and has spent most of his life working within the St Mary parish boundaries.

He's also served in the honorary system for many years and is currently the Chef de Police.

He says he would like to continue to be in service to St Mary and that it would be the ultimate honour to be the father of the parish.

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Constable Nomination

Mrs Devenport said that Mr Renouf was born, educated and raised in the parish where his family had run the garage, the forge, shop and post office. 'He has given half of his life to the parish as a Constable's Officer, Centenier and Chef de Police,' she said. 'Terry's desire is to serve the parish as indeed he has done for most of his life.' She said that Mr Renouf had a reputation for consistency, and was always willing to help others.

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Election Manifesto - 200 Word Version

I am seeking to become the next Constable of St Mary because I feel I have the necessary experience to serve the parish and to represent the parishioners interests within the States. I have already served the parish most of my adult life as a member of the Honorary Police and feel that I can bring many of the experiences I gained through this to benefit the role.

I have the support of many of the parishioners who feel that I can represent them in the manner they would want and who believe that I have the interests of the parish and the people who live in it, both now and for the future, at heart.

I wish to ensure that St Mary retains the wonderful rural and friendly environment that both my wife and I have grown up with and raised our children in for future generations and feel that I can best achieve this as Constable. To be elected as Constable and to be able to continue to serve the parish and parishioners in this post would be an extreme honour for me.

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A video of Terry Renouf's election manifesto is available on Channel Online


Age: 51

Place of birth: St Mary, Jersey

Family: Married to Diana, daughter Laura, stepdaughter Johanna, grandchildren Kelly and Katie.

Education: St Mary’s Primary School, Victoria College

Occupation: Civil servant

Hobbies/interests: Travel, organic vegetable gardening, family, pets, watching Strictly Come Dancing and have recently started learning Salsa.

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