15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections

Constables - Edgar Wallis (St Clement)

Edgar Wallis

Edgar Wallis is currently a centenier in the parish but wants to make the leap from the honorary system to represent St Clement in the States of Jersey.

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  • Alan Heard
  • Nicholas Blake
  • Paul Leggett
  • Kenneth Hill
  • Susan Pace
  • Alan Winch
  • Marilyn Breen
  • Avanos Biney
  • Gerald Vautier
  • Elizabeth Vautier

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Constable Nomination

Proposing Edgar Wallis, Alan Heard said that he had come to live in the Island 13 years ago and was married to Karen who was born in the Island. Mr Wallis was a supporter of the honorary system and had served as a Constable's Officer and Vingtenier and was currently a Centenier who was interested in tackling problems in relation to speeding and youth issues.

His father had been a former Mayor of Weymouth for 40 years and so he was already familiar with the workings of local government, albeit in another area.

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Election Manifesto - 200 Word Version

I was approached by a number of parishioners to stand. I have always lived in the beautiful parish of St Clement. If elected through regular assemblies and meetings with parishioners I would be able to put forward to the States of Jersey their concerns on major and parish issues that would affect St Clement and the parishioners. I want what is best for the parish and its parishioners and if elected I would give 110% to the role of Constable.

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A video of Edgar Wallis' election manifesto is available on Channel Online


Age: 59

Place of birth: Weymouth, Dorset

Family: Married to Karen, daughter Sabina, and stepsons James and Martyn

Education: Broadway County Secondary school; South Dorset Technical College, where trained as a chef.

Occupation: Director of a small family-run buisness

Hobbies/interests: Football, local politics, cooking

[ Source : This Is Jersey ]