15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections

Constables - Collin Egre (St Peter)

Collin Egre

Collin Egre has served two terms as a Deputy for St Peter and is continuing a family tradition of serving the parish. He said after leaving a career in the Royal Air Force he had his sights set on parish politics.

If he's elected he wants to continue and develop the way the parish system runs. He'd also like to maintain the community within the parish and says he'll carry out his duty in the States and do his best for the island without neglecting St Peter.

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Deputy Egré was first elected in 2002 and is vice-chairman of the Corporate Services Scrutiny panel and a former vice-chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee. He has served the parish as a Constable's Officer, Vingtenier and Centenier.

He spent 27 years in the Royal Air Force before retiring as a Squadron Leader in 1994 and returning to Jersey. A deputation of parishioners asked Deputy Egré to stand as Constable yesterday. He said he was glad that there would be an election to give parishioners a choice for the important role. Deputy Egré, who was born in the Island, is married to Jan and they have two children, Dominique and Faith.

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Constable Nomination

In proposing Deputy Egré, Co-op chief executive Jim Hopley said that during his six years as a deputy for St Peter, he had always put his parish first. He said that the Deputy had served St Peter with distinction and had never allowed his States' involvement to distract from the needs of parishioners.

He gave a short history of Deputy Egré's life including his career with the RAF, when he worked his way up from an engine fitter to serve as a pilot and an air traffic control instructor. Mr Hopley added that he felt that Deputy Egré was an honest man who was always there for anyone who needed him. He said that Deputy Egre was not just a man in a suit and that he was very suited to the task of being Constable of his parish.

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Election Manifesto - 200 Word Version

Having a long family tradition of parochial service within the Parish of St Peter I wish to continue that important link of service. I have served in the Honorary Police and have represented my parish for 6 years as the Deputy and have now been asked to stand for the role of Connétable; a request that I willingly accept. I hope I have showed my commitment to both parishioners and islanders in my role as a member of the States Assembly.

Should I be elected as Connétable I would commit myself to develop and strengthen our Municipality based on the strong foundation already set by our previous Connétables. I would endeavour to maintain our rural environment and halt further suburban creep into our countryside. I wish to see our entire parish served with an effective drainage system, and bring to a conclusion the longstanding fight over the pollution of our natural water supply from the Airport Fire Ground. Moreover, I wish to see an inclusive approach to our parish community where care and respect is maintained for both young and old alike, and I would actively support all current and future parish institutions that hold that same view.

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A video of Collin Egre's election manifesto is available on Channel Online


Age: 59

Place of birth: Jersey

Family: Wife Jan, son Dominic, daughter Faith

Education: Hautlieu; RAF (27 years); MSc (emergency management)

Occupation: Deputy of St Peter

Hobbies/interests: Walking, gardening, sea fishing, 'mending things'

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