15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections

Senators Hustings Meeting - St Brelade

The Senatorial hopefuls were challenged to say what they thought was good about Jersey and Jersey politics at a packed hustings in St Brelade.

Electors packed into Communicare on Friday to hear their replies to a total of six questions dealing with everything from pensions to expensive gorse bushes.

Dennis Le Breton asked whether the candidates were in favour of having tourist accommodation at Plémont or spending ‘£10 million on a gorse bush’ by returning the site to nature.

There were also questions on how income support could be improved, whether more should be done to train and find jobs for local people, how democracy could be rekindled and whether pensions should be means-tested.

Rodney Waller said that he was sick of hearing Jersey being put down by candidates and asked them to list two things which they thought were good about Jersey and Jersey politics.

Daniel Wimberley said the parish system, saying that it should be the basis of a new, sustainable economy.

Montfort Tadier said the honorary system and the fact that politicians were very accessible.

Adrian Walsh said it was good that people who were not millionaires could stand as candidates and promote change.

Senator Philip Ozouf said he was proud that Jersey had sound public finances that would help the Island weather difficult times ahead. He added that the Island had an enviable social justice system which was properly funded and helped those in need.

Chris Perkins answered that he thought the parish system was fantastic and that candidates could meet tomorrow with a smile and continue debating policies.

Deputy Geoff Southern said that he valued the Scrutiny process, which meant ministers could be held to account. He added that he thought the re-emergence of party politics was another great asset because it was the only meaningful way for politicians to connect with voters.

Nick Palmer said that he liked the independent spirit of Jersey people, adding that he thought he Island’s political system was ‘pretty good’.

Mark Forskitt said that the parish system and local democracy were things to be prized. He added that it was also good that people recognised their politicians.

Nick Le Cornu said that he valued Guernsey, as their government had achieved many of the things Jersey’s government should be doing without a revolution.

Senator Paul Routier said the Island had superb leisure and sporting facilities and it was good that pensions had risen above the RPI level.

Deputy Peter Troy said that he prized Jersey’s stable government. He added that there was nowhere else that electors could call politicians or e-mail them and get a response so easily.

Deputy Alan MacLean said that the parish system and that the Island had quality public services. He added that Jersey also enjoyed very good law and order and that it was a very safe place to live.

Mike Higgins said the honorary system and the fact that an independent candidate could stand for the States and challenge the establishment party.

Mick Pashley joked that the best things about politics were the £10,000 in expenses and a free parking space. He added it was good that there were those in the States who stood up against the establishment.

Ian Le Marquand said the honorary and parish systems. He added that he was proud of Jersey’s commitment to overseas aid and that money was channelled to where it was needed most.

Deputy Alan Breckon said that he hoped the good thing would be a lot of change and that ‘some of us listened and acted on their conscience’.

Trevor Pitman answered it was good that the government could be changed quickly and that he might soon be part of it.

Senator Mike Vibert said Jersey’s health service, schools and countryside. He added that it was good politicians were so accessible.

Jeremy Maçon said the honorary system and the widening of the franchise.

Deputy Sarah Ferguson said the honorary system and that politicians were so accessible.

Cliff Le Clercq said the community, whose trust had been broken.

[ Source : This Is Jersey