15th October - Senators & Constables Elections
26th November - Deputies Elections

Senators Hustings Meeting - Grouville

Jersey must do more to harness tidal energy – that was the unanimous view of the 21 Senatorial candidates in Grouville last night.

At the third hustings, several candidates also proposed more use of wind and solar power, and a handful said that tidal energy turbines could be combined with a bridge to France which would probably run from Grouville to near Granville.

The 21 candidates are vying for six places on the Senatorial bench, with a six-year term, in the election on Wednesday 5 October.

In response to a question from parishioner Peter Walsh, Deputy Peter Troy said that generating electrical power was a good idea and that a bridge to France would be a massive structure which would need a lot of money.

Montfort Tadier said: 'We cannot just build a bridge to get tidal generation. If we do that separately, there is no reason why we cannot adopt it.'

Nick Palmer said that the bridge to France was a brilliant idea that was in his manifesto, and that it would allow the Island to sell electricity.

Adrian Walsh said that tidal generation was a great idea, but asked if there was a bridge to France, 'how many people would be left here at the weekend?'.

Deputy Alan Breckon said it was 'a bridge too far' but asked whether the questioner had run out of faith with Senator Philip Ozouf, Deputy Alan Maclean and HD Ferries.

Mark Forskitt said that tidal power should absolutely be produced but he did not want to wait for a bridge to France.

Trevor Pitman said it was 20 years too late for a bridge to France but added that the States should look into tidal power.

Jeremy Macon said that no-one on the panel would speak against tidal power, and that a bridge to France was a good idea to consider.

Daniel Wimberley said tidal power had massive potential and was a wonderful idea.

Senator Paul Routier said he was initially excited by a bridge, but would leave it open for discussion and 'not rule it out'.

Nick Le Cornu said that a bridge to France was 'completely ludicrous' and had been used as a diversion.

Deputy Alan Maclean said the idea of a bridge would reduce the problems he had had with ferry companies.

Deputy Geoff Southern said that the bridge was a non-starter, but added that he was supportive of tidal energy, subject to seeing that the economics stacked up.

Mike Higgins said that tidal power was one kind of renewable power that should be reviewed, but added that a bridge to France would subsume Jersey's culture into a European one.

Mick Pashley said tidal energy was a fantastic idea but that the bridge would cost millions and would be 'a non-event'.

Chris Perkins said he was not sure about the cost issues but loved the idea of tidal power.

Senator Philip Ozouf said he was on the energy policy group but had concerns about taking huge risks with public money.

Cliff Le Clercq said that the Island was not capable of handling its own waste, let alone building a bridge to France.

Ian Le Marquand said they should look at tidal power but foresaw problems with traffic, illegal immigration and drug imports if there was a bridge to France.

Senator Mike Vibert said that he supported tidal power but felt that a bridge was too ambitious.

Deputy Sarah Ferguson said that with regard to tidal power, the Island had the materials and expertise and should go ahead and do it.

[ Source : This Is Jersey ]